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Industry 4.0 Workshop
Hosted by Educational Solutions Enterprises and Festo Didactic

Educational Solutions Enterprises is proud to host this one-day, hands-on workshop with Festo Didactic. On December 11, at the West Virginia University Department of Industrial and Management Systems Engineering, this program will use Festo’s latest training systems to demonstrate to attendees the many competencies required in advanced manufacturing. Spots are limited, so click on the link below to register for this opportunity.

Bionic Learning Network

Festo founded the Bionic Learning Network as a collaboration with renowned universities, research departments, and small innovative companies to solve problems in the automation industry through a bionic approach.

Festo Didactic Received CareerTech NJ’s 2018 Business Partner of the Year Award

Monmouth County Vocational School District, in conjunction with the New Jersey Council of County Vocational-Technical Schools, has recognized Festo Didactic with a 2018 Business Partner of the Year award. The award recognizes the council’s efforts to expand career and technical education opportunities at county vocational-technical schools and county colleges. Festo Didactic hosts the district’s new Advanced Manufacturing Robotics program for shared-time students at their Eatontown, NJ headquarters.
New Building HVAC Controls Training System
Modern installations use a technology called direct digital controls (DDC), a microprocessor-based system that can be programmed for various control sequences. These complex HVAC systems require installation and maintenance technicians to have a strong understanding of their general operation.
To answer these training needs, the Festo Didactic Building HVAC Controls Training System assists instructors in teaching the fundamentals of modern controls using commercially available components from Johnson Controls, a manufacturer recognized worldwide.
SCADA for LVDAC-EMS (SAP#8094377) is a new software solution that creates custom interfaces to communicate with different workstations for EMS and LVDAC-EMS. It gives the users the capabilities to create their own SCADA windows to monitor AND control different parameters and functions from different workstations (different computers running LVDAC-EMS) and bring this into one SCADA screen and supervise the whole installation/lab.
Siemens SINAMICS Startdrive Software
The latest version of the Siemens SINAMICS Startdrive software package can be downloaded using the link below. The CD version (SAP# 8022477) is now obsolete since Siemens discontinued this medium.

Festo Didactic and Siemens Mechatronics Certification Program Partnership

Festo Didactic has announced their partnership with Siemens to continue their commitment to improving access to the industry’s best trainers, sophisticated learning systems, and industry-approved curriculum.

Festo Didactic states that Students enrolled in Siemens Mechatronic Systems Certification Program (SMSCP) powered by Festo Didactic state-of-the-art equipment will gain a hands-on understanding of the complexities of the mechatronics system. 


Nov 4-5, 2020 – Integrated Learning at Penn State, State College, PA